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IT Outsourcing

Finding the best person for an IT position requires more than just matching up skills with job requirements.  At SCCN, we deliver measurable results that have a clear impact on the bottom line.

Tailored IT Outsourcing

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Interim Outsourcing

Does your business need IT support? SCCN delivers tailored, cost-effective service that's completely built around your business requirements and goals. While SCCN is your technology partner, you’ll get more from your IT, leaving you free to concentrate on running a successful business.

We offer specific resources & skills to help you through any IT project. Our certified teams and processes can integrate into any operation quickly and efficiently. We work in global standards, such as ITIL, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000.  We're proud to employ, train and retain the best people, and stand tall in our industry. 

Temp Outsourcing

Hire an Experienced, professional & certified employee

on  hourly | daily | weekly | monthly | per project  basis.

A Global Boutique IT Consulting, Technology & Outsourcing Firm, SCCN is a leading boutique consulting, technology and outsourcing firm with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that can bridge the most challenging technology gaps while creating significant cost efficiencies and competitive advantage across an organization and its supply chain. 

Trained IT professionals can be hired starting this very moment.
We provide: 

  • Computer Technicians

  • IT manage

  • IT Consulters

  • Network Security engineers

  • Remote Support and more

Each employee is accompanied by an expert Project Manager.
We are a large constructor for larger companies worldwide.

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