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About Us

Total Network Solutions. 

Everywhere, anytime

T: +972-8-970-8022

F: +972-8-970-8000

Founded in 2000, SCCN delivers complete IT solutions to any customer base that range, from small businesses to multinational corporations. In response to the on-growing demands of our customers, SCCN has a broad portfolio of services which include:

  • Outsourcing

  • IT Integration

  • Computer Implementation

  • Consulting

  • Network Design

  • Cloud services.

  • Maintenance of computer networks ranging from desktop PCs, network servers to security and network devices, such as routers switches and firewalls.


On top of computing services & integration, we operate in other central channels:

  • Communication services

  • Private & Public Cloud services

  • Recovery from disaster and business continuity

  • Home and business Internet provider

  • Integrating computing solutions.

Our computing solutions are being provided from the most advanced hosting facility in Israel.

To successfully apply these solutions, SCCN has direct access to professional and technical know-how.

The SCCN Solutions division has been developed to help with larger IT requirements, with specialists in fields such as VMWARE, Storages, Networking, Security and more. SCCN will never leave you stranded, giving you unrivaled Advice and support for the lifetime of the system  by our highly experienced technical support engineers.


We provide highest caliber of professional services at a competitive price and at a high reliability and customer satisfaction level.

Our clients are given the quality solutions they expect, with no extra overhead, and our clients are happy to recommend us to others.

We maintain close links with our clients to ensure their continued positive use of our services, as well as giving us a better understanding of their needs. 

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